0 68 The AI-Powered Music Search and Tagging Engine is a cutting-edge AI-powered music search and tagging engine designed to unlock the full potential of users' music catalogs. With its lightning-fast tagging capabilities and revolutionary similarity search, this tool enables users to find the perfect music content for any use case.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Music Categorization: Efficiently categorize millions of songs to effectively manage your music catalog.
  • 60x Faster Tagging: Dramatically speed up the tagging process compared to manual methods.
  • 99.4% Cost Reduction: A cost-effective solution for music catalog management.
  • Audio-Based Similarity Search: Discover songs with similar sound and feel as a reference track.
  • Keyword Search with 1,500 Keywords: Filter and combine keywords for precise music exploration.

Use Cases

  • Music Catalog Management: Effectively organize and categorize large music catalogs.
  • Sync Briefs and Sound Branding: Find the ideal music matches for creative projects.

With, users can effortlessly harness the power of AI for music catalog management and exploration. The tool's rapid music tagging, accurate Similarity Search, and innovative Keyword Search empower users to deliver the right music content for any project, whether it's sync briefs, sound branding, or any other creative endeavor.

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