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Ajentis: Your AI-Powered Support Agent

Ajentis is an AI-powered support agent that can automate up to 80% of first-line support tasks, allowing your company to save valuable time and resources. With its advanced features and capabilities, Ajentis focuses on optimizing your customer support and driving growth.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Always-On Support: Ajentis ensures your customers receive assistance around the clock.
  • Lightning-Fast Responses: With a goal of answering customer inquiries within 5 seconds, Ajentis provides quick and efficient support.
  • Efficient Issue Resolution: Tickets are automatically transferred to the appropriate team members when necessary, streamlining the resolution process.
  • Data Security: Ajentis complies with GDPR regulations, utilizing encrypted vector databases hosted on European servers. Your customer data remains secure and protected.
  • Knowledge Automation: By compiling content from your existing help documentation and helpdesk system, Ajentis provides accurate and reliable answers to customer queries.
  • Continuous Learning: Ajentis continuously improves its responses over time by learning from past interactions, ensuring better support in the future.
  • Multilingual Support: Ajentis offers multiple language models (LLMs) for customization, allowing users to receive support in their native languages.
  • Feedback Loop: By analyzing past chats, Ajentis identifies areas for improvement, enabling you to enhance your customer support strategy.
  • Easy Integration: Ajentis seamlessly integrates into web applications, providing a smooth and hassle-free customer support experience.

User Benefits

  • Time and Resource Savings: Ajentis automates up to 80% of first-line support tasks, freeing up your team's time and resources for more strategic initiatives.
  • Always-On Assistance: With Ajentis, your customers never miss out on support opportunities, as it provides round-the-clock assistance.
  • Fast Responses: Ajentis aims to answer inquiries within 5 seconds, ensuring quick and efficient support.
  • Efficient Issue Resolution: By automatically transferring tickets when needed, Ajentis enhances customer satisfaction by resolving issues promptly.
  • Data Security: Ajentis complies with GDPR regulations, prioritizing the protection and privacy of customer data.
  • Accurate Answers: Leveraging knowledge automation, Ajentis provides precise and reliable responses, improving the overall customer experience.
  • Continuous Improvement: Through continuous learning from past interactions, Ajentis enhances its responses over time, ensuring better support outcomes.
  • Multilingual Support: Ajentis offers customization and support in users' native languages, ensuring personalized assistance.
  • Easy Integration: Ajentis quickly integrates into web applications, seamlessly blending with your existing support infrastructure.

Summary: Ajentis is your always-on AI support agent, automating up to 80% of first-line support tasks. With lightning-fast responses, efficient issue resolution, data security, knowledge automation, and multilingual support, Ajentis enhances customer satisfaction while saving your company time and resources. Easy integration into web applications ensures a seamless support experience.

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